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July 29, 2004

Nearly there...

Well my room now resembles something after a 'shock and awe' campaign has been raging in in overnight. I decided that the best way to pack all the random stuff was to throw it all on the floor, from my drawers, desk, shelves and inside my wardrobe, so I could see the whole picture of what I was aiming to achive (all the shit in as smaller organised space as possible)... that way, the idea is that I don't put loads of similar things together (like tools) and then open another drawer and go "arse, there's a screwdriver in there". It's never going to all fit in the car. I think when I get home I will have to unpack (this usually doesn't happen and I live out of boxes) and throw away even more crap.

Maaan, I hate derigging my room!

I hope there is loads of fun things to do at home, 'cause if it's more boring there than it's been here for the last week or so then I'm probably going to go crazy!

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