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July 27, 2004

On top of... Google!

Well I've made it! Search for my name in Google - with or without quotes and I'm on top. Yeah, I know loads of my readers are on top (baby), but that's cause you've got freaky names that noone else would be seen dead with, mine is a common as muck - although I've not met someone with the same name as me (one of my dads patients had exactly the same name as me and was born on the same day as one of my brothers, scary), but I never met him.

The quoted search throwing back about 1,370,000 results and the quoted version giving 7,870 pages (going on the Ed variety spelling of my first name by the way)

Wanna know what's really scary. I'd made a point of not putting my full name on the blog, it doesn't mention my surname anywhere (other than on the stalk me page) definatly not on the front page! It appears that the whole writeup of the MT-Blacklist Updater fix has inadvertantly caused my name to become a Google Bomb.

Cool, is all I have to say!

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