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July 23, 2004


I heard a word on the TV that I liked today...

The separation of the elements of a compound word by the interposition of another word or words.

An example of tmesis would be something like un-fucking-believable or fan-bloody-tastic. Except the bit you stick into the middle doesn't have to be a swear word :-) It's a cool word, 'cause it's only one of three that begins with a 'tm'.

Whilst looking on the net about this word I found another word..

That figure of speech which consists in expressing the meaning of a word, phrase, etc., by many or several words instead of by few or one; a roundabout way of speaking, circumlocution.

An example of this being in my post about observations (or obeservations as I misspelt!), where I wanted to say "the person who bought it" and Amanda suggested that the more succinct 'customer' would do.

Succinct is a cool word too. I had to ask my tutor what he meant when he said that he couldn't fault my "succinct way of writing things" (I don't know many words, that why I swear lots - apparantly). But now I know what it means I can use it, my vocabulary has now increased.

I've decided that I quite like words... maybe I should do more crosswords...

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