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July 12, 2004

We break something again...

Well... today we were working in the plant room, which is rather dark, 'cause builders seem to have neglegted to put in any lighting whatsoever. We had to use our 500W Quartz Halogen work light instead. The none lampies among us forgot that the beam got hot and placed it about this far |      | from a black vacuum hose. I noticed the nice aroma of caramel filling the air... and saw this had occured...

Whoops. We then looked around for something in the plant room that could get hot, as to pass the blame onto someone else... this didn't happen. The plumbers haven't finished the boilers yet. We went to lunch and decided that we should own up to it... then I had the cunning idea that (depending on where the burn was) if we shortened the pipe a little we'd be able to cut the hole out of the equation... luckily it was only about a foot and a half away from the end. Job sorted... Hmmm. So dishonest.

Lunch was funny. We've started to go to BK now just to see how bad the service could possibly get. We've now worked out that it's only one certain employee (he looks rather a lot like the guy in my 1st year who dropped 10K rack on Rob). There was a huge queue we could see while walking in, and indeed idiot server dude was having issues with the credit card machine again... Now if he had been sensible he'd have shouted out the order before playing with the machine... but no he didn't. The guy who was being served got annoyed at this, and decided he'd rather take his family elsewhere :-) Unfortualnly, the thing had just gone through the Credit card machine and the manager was called upon to give the card the money back. This wasted time. Eventually, the manager served me in double quick time :-)

Train ride home was funny two, there was this American couple on the train across the aisle from me and the girl was like "wow, it's one of those.... erm... erm.... Nuclear Power stations" when we passed Radcliffe-on-Soar (coal fired) Power Station. The bf rightly didn't beleive her, but she was having none of it, nearly argued all the way back to Beeston. Made me laugh.

I sat at a table (4 seats) today. 3 people who didn't know one another joined me and we actually had a goddamn conversation... it wasn't about much... discussed the sides at which the platform was at each stop, but nethertheless it was strange.

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