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July 10, 2004

Well yesterday wasn't cheap!

Work was quite good. Felt to be quite a productive day. Only really funny occurrence was when the Mallows bagging machine ran out of film to make the bags, and the low film detector didn't work... so the machine tried to bag them with air and threw them around the processing area. We've also decided that grumpy plaster is an alcoholic, having smelt of beer at about 11 in the morning.

Later on the train at about five to six I got a phonecall from Chris asking me what I was doing cause he was off waterskiing with Paul, and we'd been meant to be skiing the day before, but it was cold and miserable so we didn't. The weather looked warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. So I decided I would go...only problem being that I was in Leicester pulling out of the station... and had to get back home and eat and get there in not much time... after trying to get home as quickly as I could, and eating food in about 2 minutes I still had time to hang around waiting.

When we got there we realised it was cloudy and dull. A skiing dude on the water shouted at us not to bother 'cause 'it's freezing in here'. Anyway... I decided that I would be trying the skis at some point this time, but only after getting around successfully on the kneeboard, this didn't appear to be much of a problem, the course seems a lot easier than the one at Sheffield, or I could just remember how to do it correctly... who knows? The guy was correct... the water was indeed fucking freezing, although Chris and Paul didn't think so :(

Sometime in these proceedings I banged my shin walking back or something... this meant that the next time I went around it bloody hurt, I could kneel no longer - skiing was now the only option.

After a quick briefing on 'how the hell you do it' I got pulled off and managed to get around the first corner before it all went all kinds of wrong. I was quite pleased at this achievement. Upon getting back to the beginning the coldness had got to me and I started to shiver lots. One of the guys running it asked me if I was ok, and if I would I like a tea to warm me up. I said 'Nah, your alright.'. He then asked 'So, how do you take it, milk and sugar?'... looks like I was getting one if I wanted to or not! Warm tea helped lots. Then it was time to get cold again... further attempts at the skiing lark were not as successful as the first, prolly trying too hard :(

At 9.15 the ski thing shut so we came home. It was decided that Chris and I would go into town for drinkies. We ended up in NG1, where else? It was good fun. Didn't get chatted up though (by any gender) although I did flirt outrageously (with the male gender... hmmm)... The female populous will be pleased(!?) to hear that I've decided that I'm still not gay - most of the times I was thinking to myself 'she's nice, I wonder if she's a lesbian'.

Funniest part of the night (although I'm sure most people would find it very disturbing) would be taking a leak next to a guy who decided to blatantly lean forward and stare at my cock whilst tugging himself off. Quite clearly breaking evey toilet etiquette rule ever written. I decided I had to leave quickly, not because I was shit scared that he'd climax, but because I was trying to stop myself from laughing... grinning and holding in the laugh was not helping matters at all!

So yeah, that was yesterday. Got up at 7am and went to bed at 4am... spent loads of cash, and became very tired!

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