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July 5, 2004

Is everyone in Beeston mad?

Got of the train in Beeston again today. As I was leaving the station I had one of the stangest conversations with someone I've even had... sort of reminds me why my mum used to tell me to never talk to strangers!

A guy who was on my train left at Beeston too. As I was walking he attracted my attention and the converstaion went some what as follows:

Him: Hi! I thought I recognised you, you know my brother.
Me: Erm, do I?
Him: Yeah, where are you from?
Me: Halifax.
Him: Yeah, I used to work in Halifax market, I used to see you. [Ed hardly ever goes to Halifax Market]
Me: Oh, ok... what's your brother's name?
Him: Andy Richardson.
Me: Hmm, don't think I know him.
Him: Yeah, you used to hang around with him and Aidy.
Me: Hmmm...

[conversation starts on what I'm doing in Beeston instead of being in Halifax, I also ask him why he's in Beeston and not Halifax, I don't follow his response, so haven't remembered it... it involved money and a grand and 38 quid or something...]

Me: I'm still trying to work out who Andy is.
Him: Who did you hang around with?
Me: Well that doesn't help, 'cause I know all the people I hung around with.
Him: Go on, who did you hang around with?

[I cotton on that he seems to be a pathalogical liar]

Me: What school did he go to?
Him: He didn't go to school in Halifax.
Me: Well how do I know him?
Him: You know him from here, he's lived here since he was 19.
Me: Urm, right.
Him: I'm flogging a dead horse I think.
Me: Yeah....

[I walk off in a different direction at the next junction...]

How messed up is that? Wonder what he wanted to get out of me!

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