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July 1, 2004

It's July!

Well I've been meaning to do this for ages... but who cares!

It's a post about the visitors from the last month!

Last month Blog-Ed had 4895 visits from 2705 unique visitors. They downloaded 12227 pages of my blog and consumed nearly half a gig of bandwidth.

771 people ended up on this site with the word 'room' in their search keywords. That being from searches for the Viridian Room and the Crimson Room. The Crimson Room post was the most visited, with 1127 page views. Lots of people are also coming looking for 'visionary philosopher' and 'subservient chicken'. The poets of the fall is also doing well.

Apart from referal spam, and stuff the site most people have ventured off from on to mine has been Mandy's.

Google has thrown 1178 unsuspecting people to my site and Yahoo, 693.

Sites that visit me... well I appear to be the most frequent visitor, followed by NTL's bastard Nottingham cache. Rob and Kate's house is in 3rd. No idea about the person in 4th. 5th would be JJ, and 6th is Chelmsford Borough Council... hmmm... anyone know anyone who works there? I think this might be some kind of bot though.

So, there we go...

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