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June 25, 2004

Pool, Dancing and it's being a small world...

Went and played pool last night at a proper(!) pool place. It was fun considering how much I dislike pool. Might have had something to do with playing 9 ball instead of 8 ball I suppose. Much better game it seems...

The beer was awful though. Apparantly the line from the barrel to the tap is massive and the beer is not drunk enough, thus the beer just goes off.

I pointed out that the beer was nasty to the girl serving... 'Yeah, it's 'cause the pipes long and crap, that's why I usually send people downstairs for it'. Thanks for sending me downstairs... must have been something I said.

After an hour and a half of pool we went and played on the Dance Stage machine... oddly enough as I'm not that coordinated I was not too good at this! All good fun anyway... one of those things you can practice at and get better at I suppose.

The place was rather empty... could it be due to a football match that was happening?

We decided to go to a proper pub, for proper beer, thinking that the football must have finished by now... wrong! we realised as we stood looking in the window of the Dunkirk Inn to see Vassell's kick saved... at this point it was clear to me that the next Portugal shot would go in... I mean this is England playing in a sudden death part of the penalty shoot outs after all. In goes the ball and we run away. For some reason I decided to try some of the 'Chinese Shit' in Chris' drinks cupboard. That was a mistake as I'm sure Adam will testify to. It's freeking disgusting. I tried to describe the taste... it's a cross between cellulose thinners (think pear drops), cow shit (no really) and that minging Robinson's summer drink with pineapple in it - I forget what it's called. I've never eaten cow shit, I'm only going on the smell.

So then small worlds...

Well on Wednesday I was on the train back from Market Harborough when I turned around to see a girl who I'd been to prImary school with, secondry school with and university with (and it's not Sarah! :-)) How random that we should both end up on the same train back from London? Ok maybe not random at all...

How about talking to Chopper's boss about some surgical tools of torture and asking where he got them from 'Halifax Market,' came the reply...

'What were you doing there?' I asked.

'I worked there'

'What in the market?'

'No, at the Halifax'

'Wow, I'm from Halifax'

'Wow, I've not found many people from Halifax'

Then I found out that he used to live about a quarter of a mile away from my house. Then followed a conversation about the merits of the drinking holes around the place and a discussion about how Halifax isn't a nasty as people who've never been seem to think!

Almost as random as finding a random University of Nottingham student under the ground somewhere in Verdun!

I wonder who I'll meet today.

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