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June 24, 2004

There's nothing so queer as folk

Today has been good. Missed my bloody train again in the morning. Buses are so crap. Meant I had time for breakfast though which is always good :-) No that I usually have breakfast ever... strange...

Decided instead of passing the house on the way back by about 50m and then having to get a bus back, and seeing that my return train stopped off in Beeston I'd try and get a bus from there....

My knowledge of Beeston is somewhat lacking it seems... and I rotated the whole place in my through 90 degrees I think... doh! Ended up at the bus station where I wasn't actually aiming for! Couldn't remember which buses went where I wanted so I asked one bus driver and he said his didn't. Then this old lady (of the nice grandma type) said go over there and pointed to the Rainbow 5 stops. "You'll want the one that says Dunkirk, and not Woodside Road, not on the top... below the driver. You get that?"

"Yes," I replied. Not letting on that I've got Rainbow 5 usage down to a fine art... other than using them to get to the station on time in the morning...

I wandered off to the stop and a Woodside Road one came in... arse. Stood around a bit and this guy from Somerset came up to me and asked if buses at my stop went into Nottingham. "Yeah," I said.

"Cool," he said, "I've been trying to get a fucking taxi for ages. They are shit here. Look I've got all these cards and they all say 'two hours mate'"

The 33 pulled in and drove to the other side of the station... "you could get that one," I said. He runs off down to the bus. Then I see the lady waving madly at me... "you can get this one," she shouts. I run down the platform too. The guy lets me in in front of him telling me that I've done him a good turn. I inform him of NCTs no change policy and then we both get on... I think I've improved my karma today.

Remind me to talk to more random people and help them in any small way possible. It's cool. I like making people smile.

As an aside is there some crazy Christian festival thing tonight? There was a police escorted procession going through Beeston with people carry crosses and people being dressed up like the Pope or does that happen all the time in Beeston?

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