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June 22, 2004

Last few days...

Well it's annoying when you come home tired so you can't write about stuff... or even write about things as they happen...

Yesterday, a funny thing happened at work. You may remember that I've been ripping out an old network... well, the builder dude found some cables that we'd not chopped... seeing as we'd chopped every other cable in the place he asked us to chop them... we hummed and arr'ed a bit. He then just kept repeating in a builder way 'Chop 'em... Chop 'em... Chop 'em...'. I got handed the snippers and then refused to do it. OK, said Chopper (as he is now known on site), I'll chop them, you make coffee. I left while the deed was done.

I come back with the coffees and admire the work that has been done, with the wire being traced back, chopped, with the ends hidden in the ceiling at one end and the box at the other... we took a few sips of our coffee and Chopper's phone rings. It's the boss... he's just had an irrate warehouse owner on the phone 'cause all the phone lines in his building have stopped working. At this point 4 big warehouse men come inside the office with 'bad' looks on their face. I run away to laugh lots... leaving Chopper to passify them.

He comes running upstairs and says 'we need to fix this quickly'. We grab some keystones and old random cables and some patch leads, and then do the biggest bodge in the world (photos later if I get them from someones phone), we do this while the owner of the building is watching us going 'I just can't see how you could have chopped them by accident'. Anyway, the bodge which took 15 mins, brought their 8 phones up and running again. Phew.

That was fun... :-/

Erm, we also tried self scan and bag or whatever it is called at Sainsbury's... what complete crap. Fecking moaning thing... you haven't put the thing in the bag... there's something unexpected in the bag... blah blah blah bullshit... then it broke completly on us. Nice idea, but complete crap. Maybe once you've learnt how to deal with it it'd be ok I suppose...

Trains, they were crap today, cancelled all over the place.

Yesterday when I left the station I was greated by a girl.. "have you got £2.50 for my train fare, I'm short"

"I've only got notes," I lie, knowing full well the chance of her telling the truth was slim.

The same girl came up to me today and asked the same thing!

"You mean you've not fucking learnt your lesson from yesterday?" I said.

Further down the road I got asked by another begging fuck head if I had 20p for his train ticket. "I have," I said whilst showing him a 20p piece, "but if I give it to you, then I'll be stood around looking like a idiot trying to get 20p to make up my bus fare."

"Fair enough," he says, "how about 2 10ps?"

There are some really stupid people in the world. I love outside station beggars and there needs to get somewhere everyday. Especailly as they always tell you that they're not lieing... one had even 'just been to the Police station, so I must be telling the truth'... no you were in the cells for begging, you dick!

If they were honest and said 'Can I have 2 quid, I sort on todays drug money' I'd give it to them for pure hilarity! Similar to me (and Owen - simultaneously without confering) nearly giving a busker five quid, a few weeks back, purely because of their timing.

There's prolly more to add.

Did you know that most of the texts I've ever sent to the blog have been sent from a train, or station?

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