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June 20, 2004

Bowling... baby

Continuing in my recent theme of doing things that one would do as a kids party... I went bowling this evening. We sort of only planned of doing a few games... but due to our charisma managed to blag a lane from 8.30pm until midnight... in that time Ant and I managed to bowl a whole 12 and a half games. In real money that would have cost us... 40 quid each :-) only cost us 8 each. Bargain. We broke the whole thing as well which was rather amusing :-) I got to see the inside working of the bowl return system and everything :-) Oooop. Fun night though.

What kids party thing could I do tomorrow?

Ideas on a postcard. Anyone feel free to join me on my quest to regain my childhood (well the childhood I never actually got!)

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