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June 12, 2004

Time to say goodbye!

The title of another song that has the ability to make me cry. But this post isn't about that!

I've just been around to say goodbye to Alex and the house of girls. Alex leaves early tomorrow, the rest are all off to Gran Canaria or somewhere else far from here. It's odd, I won't see some of them again ever and others I'll only see after I've put a hell of a lot of effort into doing so! I've made a pact that I will definatly keep in touch with Alex, as she's been a cool friend to me, especailly recently when I've kept phoning her up out of the blue and going, 'Argh, feel like shit, can I come around and talk to you!'. Suppose the keeping in touch thing is the first stage of me becoming a 'better friend' to people in my eyes.

Just been thinking of all the people (hmm, ok maybe the one person ;-)) who I knew in the first year and used to sit in their rooms drinking coffee and chatting all the time, who I didn't even manage to keep in touch with in the second year, let alone when everyone has left uni!

We were thinking about all the people who we've spent the last 4 years with at uni and how we've taken a load of them for granted, they are always there in lectures or whatever, and you sit next to them and say 'hey, how are you doing? how was the weekend?' etc... but you didn't really see them outside lectures, maybe occasionally when you're drunk in Ocean or The Zone. I'm never going to say goodbye to them or probably ever see them again! But then I suppose I won't really miss them... maybe I will. It's always nice to see a familiar face. Familiar people are easier to talk to than stangers, even if they are still difficult to talk to for me :-)

Everyone's going to disappear soon. This place is going to be different. Hell I'll have to find another load of girls to befriend! I don't think I can survive with only a male opinion on everything, and I seem to get on better with girls, well some girls, not all girls! Girls are easier to hug than boys too. This not going to know anyone outside of TEC thing next year is now starting to scare the shit out of me! Not that I don't want to know TECcys... but people outside TEC would be nice :-)

Time for bed! Goodbye! ;-)

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