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June 2, 2004

Grrr... that's it just go away and leave the house looking like a shithole

Some of you will know that I'm home alone at the moment. That's 'cause the housemates have left the nest.

The messy one (with the unhouse trained girlfriend) left on Monday for a week... leaving his 'love nest' behind in the front room...

It's annoyed me somewhat as I can't find the TV controller when I want it, can't put anything down on the coffee table or do anything! I had two options, the frist being leave it and not use the living room. The second (seeing as though I have jack shit to do) was to tidy it up with before and after photos and bitch about it on my blog.

I opted for the latter, otherwise you wouldn't even know what a mess it was...

I found 2 mugs, 4 non-empty pint glasses, a yogurt pot (with 2 spoons?!) about 10 empty crisp packets, a million mini Hula-Hoops all over the floor etc. Broken biscuits, DVDs and crap scattered everywhere. There is a nice pile of poo on the stairs now, waiting to go either in the bin or somewhere other than the living room table...

I bet it'll be like it again come Monday evening... grrrrrrrrr.

Oh and he took the only bottle of house owned shampoo on his travels with him... I had to wash my hair with soap last night. Grrrrr.

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