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June 2, 2004

Changed the behavior of the SMS ticker

Like you care but hey...

I've decided to make it only appear if there has been a message to it in the last week. I sent it one last week and it didn't appear. That was quite annoying. Can't be bothered to check my logs though, so I'll never know if it half got here or not!

I might make an archive page of all previous messages to it... but as there have only ever been about 10 it seems a bit silly :D

And Tom, let me know if it still does odd things with your Opera. I think I've worked it out now anyway... all you need is patience and it'll load. No idea what it's sorting out, but the Opera you kill is the Opera which you're trying to load, not the old one that's broken. When you load two or more it hasn't got past the stage of 'hey he's trying to run two of these' and then it all starts to go the shape of the pear. Might be wrong again mind... I've been wrong before :)

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