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May 25, 2004

This should have been a comment, but it got post worthy...

Ta for your words of encouragement folks.

"I certainly assume everybody could do what I do...and thus its not that special...but I think the key point is that not everybody does."

Ah ha... that's sort of my point. I'm one of the people who doesn't :-) I'm scared that I don't grasp enough opportunities when they come my way - or am scared of what will happen if I do grasp them, so don't to feel 'safe'.

John's thing about everything being qualification based, I didn't mean it to come across like I was thinking like that, fear not. It just seems that that's all I have to show for being here. Well that and a couple of lines on my CV about the other stuff I've done here. Most of the stuff I've done can go on my CV. I want to do fun stuff that I wouldn't put on my CV... I've decided that CV building is boring!

I suppose the most fun thing (and self-rewarding thing) I've done whilst at university had to be going to France last year. It was well cool. Traveling by yourself to somewhere you've never been before, and don't speaky the language is an interesting experience. As is visiting places postcards are made of! Quite glad I had the oppertunity to do it and stay somewhere where off the main touristy route (well in the winter it seems).

Adam's point about 'what else would I have done?' is also very true, didn't think of it in that way! The answer is probably not half as much cool stuff as I have done and I won't have met as many varied people! I just can't help thinking I could have/should have done more while I had the chance :-) But then everyone could say the same thing I suppose!

I suppose I wish I'd done more socialble stuff, on the list Sarah mentions, only one (twoish) actually involve other people :-) Being scared of people and going out much during my first two years of being here couldn't have helped much and helped me to become a recluse! TEC is socialble I suppose, but when it becomes too socialble it becomes tedious, as things don't get done, rigs drag, and then everyone hates one another. And when people start to hate each other the socialable stuff all becomes rather interesting :-)

I must try harder during the next 3 years of my life here!

Much happier by the way :-)

This email was brought to you with the power of the colon-hyphen-close bracket.

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