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May 23, 2004

All be over soon...

I couldn't get to sleep last night. I was thinking about how in less than a week my degree will be over and that'll be the conclusion to the last four years of my life. It's like the time spent on GCSEs and A-Levels put together, and that seemed to last ages. I suppose my degree has appeared to last less time than this, due to:

t tends to infintiy, d/dt(perceived time) also tends to infinity

I seems sooo long ago that I was a 1st year saying 'Hello' for the first time in hall though! I sense that most of my time here has been wasted though. I'm going to have a degree when I come out of it and some memories, but no where near anything to show for four years. I suppose the same could be said about GCSEs and A-levels and the four years before then too. Suppose the most important years of my life, were the ones that lasted the longest, years one to four. That's when I probably learnt the most anyway! Hell I learnt how to talk (debatable I know :P).

I hope once I've done my PhD I'll feel better about this and be able to be proud of what I've achived. It's my fault for never seeing any real good in anything I've done - maybe I expect too much of myself, or just take for granted all the stuff I can do and assume everyone can do it, so it's not special. Does everyone do this?

Hmmm, when I was writing this blog post in my head last night whilst trying to sleep I'm sure I had a lot more to say! Arse. It'll prolly come to me tonight.

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