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April 15, 2004


I've just been toying with the idea of building my own Freevo box, just for the sake of it! I've got a TV-in card, but don't use it, so it's a wasted piece of good kit in my books... and that's bad.

Freevo is an OpenSource TiVo clone and seems quite cool. Erm, TiVo is a wikky video recorder stylee box with a harddrive allows you to do cunning things like rewind or pause live tv and records the 'live' feed so you can carry on watching where you left off. It does other things like recording your favourite programs automatically and stuff like that as well...

Anyway, it'd require a shiny new computer to do it with... I could do it on ClaudeStreet's main server, but I sense that would be very silly.

Looking at buying one of these babies:

That would be a Shuttle SK43G AMD Barebones System, retailing at just over 100 quid now :-)

Seems perfecto for the job! It's got TV-out and everything :) All it'd need would be a harddrive (I think I've one of those kicking around ;-)) and a processor. Brilliant... might have to wait until I have money first though...

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