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April 14, 2004

Just found some old quotes!

Just been sorting things out in an avoiding work manner and have found some quotes, which humoured me, from my 1st year in hall.

Thought I'd share them with you here... won't stick them on the quote thingy as that's for quotes that's happened in the ClaudeStreet era... oh I've removed surnames to protect people's identities... :)

Playmates.com - they're classy birds - you don't get done for them.
    Damian (when trying to convice me to let him surf the web on my computer)

I'm a non-drinking alcoholic.

Condoms are a pain in the arse.

I have a very big hole actually!

If I got married, then I would be faithful, but I don't plan on getting married.

Now I see why your girlfriend fancies you!
    Sam (after seeing Ash run, butt-naked, from the girl's shower he'd just been caught peeing in whilst sleep walking...)

Unfortunatly, I only know of one of the quoted who reads this... do you know who you are? :D

I sense for many you had to be there... oh well!

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