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March 11, 2004

RIP Pen-Pal Group (18th January 1998 - 10th March 2004)

Well the home of one of my first websites is now dead. Therefore the website is also dead!

The site itself has been functionally dead for a year since Hypermart thought i was spamming from the site (which I wasn't!) and stopped me sending emails from it.

Over it's history from January 1998, it had well over 20000 members (although not all at the same time) and matched many of these people so they could be pen-pals, and even more! (I was notified of at least one wedding occuring due to people meeting on the site).

I even found a friend on it (well I found many, but only stayed in touch with one), which was cool. We are talking again by the way people :-)

So, yeah the ppals.hypermart.net email addresses of mine will not work anymore! You'll have to use bloged.co.uk email addresses instead - much easier to remember for you :)

It's only a website, why I am I sad? Suppose when I was at school I spent ages and ages developing it, oh well.

All good things come to an end.

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