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February 26, 2004

Geeky ASCII poster photo thing

People who know me will know that my bedroom was is quite bare because I don't do crap on my walls... that's a lie there's quite a few postcards and stuff on there... but no posters... well there's a Star 101.3FM one as signed by Daniel Bedingfield, and a Smirnoff Black Ice one...

Anyways... I decided to make a geeky ASCII poster. After searching for a nice photo to use, I found this one of me when I was young:

Original Photo of Me

I then did cunning things in MATLAB to convert the different colour levels into ASCII characters.

So it looks a little like this - that's a small portion of the top left of the photo!


Then I made it into a multipage poster with Publisher, and printed it... and now it's a poster on my wall, which looks like random crap up close... and an actual photo when viewed from a distance :-)

Poster on Wall

Download the PDF (72k) for yourself and then you can have a groovey poster all for yourself! :-)

A picture of me when I was young and a mention of Daniel Bedingfield... this is asking for trouble ;-)

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