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February 5, 2004

New Domain Name

I've got an email today that said my 'ppals' account will not be free after the 25th February. I'm not going to pay the $5 a month to keep my associated email addresses going. No way... so I'm going to get a nice domain name instead, which I can point loads of things to (in a spam avoidance tactic of randomsiteaddress@domain.com, who's selling my email address manner). Anyways, stop using the 'ppals' address folks (most of you have already).

Now comes your bit... I can't really think of a good domain name. I've had Ideas such as louded.co.uk but would really like it easy to say, and I can see that maybe having issues. So... get your thinking caps on and think of me a domain name which I will keep for life (and may even change the address of the site to point to!)

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