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January 31, 2004

Luxembourg Photos are on the web!

I've finally uploaded the photos that I took whilst in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg January 2004

I've also realised that I've not really talked about our trip there either! It's sad really as I should really tell you about things as the have happened, otherwise it's like telling you old news. Like the Lanazarote trip that never got talked about, or my last trip to France and my trip to Strasbourg.

Well Luxembourg was weird. We were in the capital city thing (Luxembourg City) and whilst walking around every where was very quiet, as if it were a ghost town! The language thing is also quite funny, you can walk into a shop and be spoken to in English, French or German, and it's assumed that you'll know any of these!

On some leaflets and things the languages just get interchanged, so you have a sentence in French about something and then an English sentence about something completely different!

If you ever plan on visiting, don't stay in January! Everywhere is shut!

We stayed in Hotel Zurich, which is near the station. I would link to the website, but it seems to be dead! Quite a nice place really. Although it was a bit strange eating breakfast next to the dance floor of the bar you got drunk in the night before... breakfast under UV light... nice :)

So yeah, bit brief but hey if it was more you probably wouldn't bother to read it!

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