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December 2, 2003

Looks like it's all gone long again :)

Well time for a ramble.

I'm hungry, and we have no food - well that's a lie. Tongiht I can make myself...erm wow, just thought of more stuff. We have steak and kidney pie, spag bol and lots and lots of pasta (and some rice) Maybe I could have the spag bol, hadn't thought of that one! Hmmm... or the pie, me like pie.

So that's that ramble gone and done with :)

What else....?

Well I could write a commentrary on the goings on of a blog (or two that I read) [but I don't read one of them, don't even know where it is on the web I tell ya], so I can't really do that, unless I come clean about reading it and knowing where it is that is, but that would be silly... :) hehe

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