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November 3, 2003

Well I'm back at ClaudeStreet!

That's has to have been the most crazy journey I've ever done.

Set off from Amanda's flat at 9am English time, by a taxi to the station.

Then I got a train to a station in the middle of nowhere... where I then got up on a rail replacement coach thingy, which took me to another station... where there was a train, which took me to Paris.

Then I had to get a Metro in Paris to get between two stations. I then got a RER train (suburban French train thing - bit like Docklands Light Railway I suppose) to the airport After haning around for ages I got on an airport bus thing and got taken to my plane. Then I got on a 737 and flew in the sky, way up high.

Then I got on a shuttle bus to take me to the airport station in England... still with me? Then I got on a train, and then another train, and then another train... Phew... then I got a taxi to ClaudeStreet. 13 hours of travelling is crazy, and I've got a really busy day tomorrow, and I'm really tired :(

I'll write more about my adventure later!

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