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October 31, 2003

Ed is in France!

Woo... I've arrived safely! Man I thought Spanish keyboads were bad! This is all kinds of bad!

So; 4 trains (and an uncountable number of metro trains!), a shuttle bus, a coach, a plane and a taxi and I'm here! and I've got it all to do again on Monday, I think I might get stuck here! Which could be a bit of a problem!

Yey... changed the keyboard setting to English so I can touchtype, just can't look down to find out where the keys are, otherwise I'll end up pressing the wrong ones! Wow... that was a quick sentence to type!

We went up the Eiffel Tower last night which was cool, well very cold actually and it was wet and foggy and miserable, still good though.

Well I dunno what else to put... but there you go Toph... a post to my blog every day this month!

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