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October 21, 2003

AR11 ADSL router fixed?

Well I got a reply back from the man on that news group post I linked to. He had done what I feared and had bought a different router. Oh well.

Then after a few more (read thousands) of searches, I finially found out who made my router and what model it was - it's not apparant on the box or anything, which is a tad silly. It's an Accex AR11.

Knowing this I wanted to upgrade the firmware, because I knew that a later version was availble, it just wasn't to be seen anywhere on the web!

So, I emailed their technical support people and told them I was having issues and if they could send me the lastest firmware so I could test it. I got a nice response and the firmware (version 2.8 just incase you are wondering) and it seems to have fixed the problem, well we've been killing the connection for the last 2 hours or so and haven't had any problems of outage yet.

If you are finding this page after doing a search for the name of the router because you are having problems then email Aceex technical support and all problems will hopefully disappear!

I've still got my fingers crossed though!

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