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October 20, 2003

Was a busy blogging day yesterday, was it not?

Humm... ok so maybe not actually that busy.

Well I felt lousy this morning in my 11am lecture (it's the 1st year one again). We didn't actually do much lecture type stuff though, instead we got our coursework which looks rather fun and interesting, it's a managament game where you have to plan production plans and stuff.

Humm... it's a group thing though, which sort of involved me getting in a group of some 1st years who have all bonded. That was a bit scary as I don't like talking to new people. Oh well I found someone and we've already done the 1st part of it which is cool!

Other than that I've not actually done much today, I've wasted yet more time on Zero Hour. Grrr, it's too addictive I tell you! Argh.

So, yeah that's it :)

[Listening to: Queen - Radio Ga Ga]
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