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October 3, 2003

Someone sooo wants to make getting a mobile phone difficult

Well I ordered my phone like on Monday or something. I've just got an email today saying that they want proof of ID and proof of address... faxing. Faxing!? I don't have a fax machine (well that's a little lie, I'm sure I could make the modem in Strawberry act as a nice fax...) but that's not the point. I've phoned up the person who emailed me and asked them if I can email them scanned images of the documents they want - yey I can.

What's funny is the types of ID they request! I can fax them an image of both parts of my two part driving licence (and it's got to be full not provisinal) - that's fair enough... or I could just fax them a copy of the image the front of an M&S store card. What the hell's that about? How's that really like ID, especially if they are being so careful with the driving licence? Idiots.

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