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October 2, 2003

Truck drivers and maps

On my way to a project meeting today I got stopped by some random Dutch lorry driver who wanted to know directions to somewhere I'd never had heard of before. Well I happened to have a map with me, so got it out to look. I pointed to the road he needed to be on, and to where we were stood... fine I thought... he'll be on his way now... no, he wanted directions! I mean it was like 3 roundabouts, left, straiight on, then right. Unfortanly he couldn't get his lefts and rights the right way round (not actually speaking a word of English - oh and he asked someone from the North) It was quite humourous. But then I suppose you had to be there, so I won't dwell on it.

I suppose I could write about my project, but I've been well tired all day after getting up at 9am to watch a video on how cookers are made with my 1st year 'friends'. That was worth getting out of bed for I tell you!

Not much else worth putting on the blog has happened today - oh I fixed someones computer in Halifax remotely by the power of t'internet, which was fun :) Other than that nothing... oh our shed has been painted and now everywhere smells of creosote :(

Time for bed - I'm going to do work tomorrow!

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