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September 14, 2003

Back in ClaudeStreet Land

Well I'm back!

Managed to set off at 9.10am which wasn't that bad! And this was due to time being wasted with me arguing with mum who wants my room to be tidy so she can dust it when I'm not there... what's the point? I'm not there...

M62-M1 south junction was closed, so this involved a little detour... which set off my travel sickness... not good. After a stop in a service station I was fine.

I found the bogs rather amusing... they have an automatic flush, all you do is flash your hand passed the magic eye and it flushes. Then the sink thing had automatic "put your hands under and water comes out" taps. Then it had push button hand driers... what's that all about? I mean the automatic hand drier was probably the first thing in electric design in toilet facilites... so why have space age bogs and not the hand drier? Oh well.

Maybe I should unpack...

[Listening to: Dr. Evil - Just The Two Of Us]
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