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September 13, 2003


Grrrrr.... well I tried to go to ClaudeStreet at some other time than 9am tomorrow morning, but failed - parents are rather stubborn on the matter. Note how I say parents... both don't need to be present when they just dump my stuff inside the door and vanish - it's not like they gain anything from doing it - if they did get something out of it they surely wouldn't moan so much about when they could and couldn't take me 'cause of it interfering with their routine.

I've also decided (probably against my better judgement) that I'm going out for a meal tonight, which is going to mean that I've got to pack now.

I've decided that I can't wait to be out of here and think that at this time I can't be arsed to come home at Christmas, waaay too much effort.

Remind me of this in November when my mum will be asking when her and dad can come and pick me up [soon as possible 'cause they miss me] - so long as it's convinient with her plans... WTF, they want me at home 'cause they like me around, but can't be go out of there way to change things to pick me up - does that not strike you as wanting the toffee and the ha'penny?

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