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July 18, 2003

Back in ClaudeStreet land...

Well folks, I'm back in ClaudeStreet land and am having to add this using a text only terminal... so if it's all wrong I'm sorry!

Trip down was fun, it's amazing how many idiots there are on the motorway you know! Although I wasn't sure if I could see correctly - more on this later!

The house is still standing which is nice... although the slugs seem to have been out in force all over the front room carpet, the bastards! I think I might have to get some slug pellets :)

So yeah... my vision... well I wore my contact lenses for the trip. Once I got going though I realised my vision wasn't it's best... I wasn't blind - and it's better than with no lenses, but it was far from perfect. I'd also had a right pain putting them in, which also wasn't a good sign! Oh well. When I arrived I thought I'd check if they were in the right way round (as in left/right... not back to front, 'cause that hurts...). Well this was also a nightmare as the lenses would not behave themselves, not even on my hand... grrr... I'll look into it tommorrow when I'm less tired - maybe they were a bit dry or something - grrrr.

Now time to see if I can get this to post...

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