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March 26, 2003

Boston Photos

As promised, here are the Boston trip photos.Some are captioned - if I could think of something.

The A1 The Middle Go Nowhere The hill into Grantham
McDonalds for a McFlurry stop
2 McFlurrys
We needed to feed Dylan Woo, we arrived Hello new trailer. Erms and Dylan mate for the 1st time.

A few funny moments from the day.

Paul: Humm... that looks a bit low, I think we'll fit though.
Dylan: <Clunk>

So for future reference Dylan will not fit into the McD's Drive-Thru at Grantham.

I said a few funny moments, I can't think of any more. Other than nearly flattening a Porche who didn't know the rules of the road. I didn't get the camera out quick enough... sorry!

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