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March 25, 2003

Titles, I can never think of titles

I got up at about 11am today. That's well early! After doing sod all on the computer, I went into the office to continue to do sod all. We decided to go to the pub. I went to get my hair cut. My hair is now short - "number 3 up the back and sides and a trim on the top" - I'll remember that for the next time I want it doing. I actually had a proper discussion with the guy who was cutting my hair - this has to be a first! It's not like The Salon though...

Pub, drunk beer. This is nice - I like drunk Ed, drunk Ed has hopes and dreams, sober Ed has to face the harsh realities of life.

Played on a quesiton bandit... where we could have dropped a whole quid, but Mr Trigger-Happy caused us to play it instead... doh. Mr Trigger-Happy then answered questions without thinking - wrong. Double Doh (with coke please, no ice, lime not lemon).

Walked home from town, who needs buses?

ClaudeStreet cinema is showing Aliens tonight. Seen it before (less than 3 months ago) and can't be arsed to watch it again. Come upstairs, and get told I'm cuter than Kylie Minogue, by a male, just what I need :)

Maybe I should have entered this entry using bullet points - I'm just too not wordy enough :( I wish I was wordy!. Things are looking up, as I'm going to a pub tommorrow as well and to think I haven't gone home so I can do some much needed work :(

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