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January 9, 2009

Can't resist!

People who know me will know that I can't resist a dig at religion. So, imagine my glee when I read about some Christians complaining to ASA about the atheist 'adverts' on the sides of buses.

That's not really helping your case is it? It's just going to make you look petty and have atheists laugh at you. Ha ha ha.

As for asking to humanists to prove that there is no god, you're having giraffe? Looking at the 'advert' I'm a little lost as to whether it's actually an advert at all (as in should the ASA get involved at all). OK, so they've paid some people (who happen to sell advertising space) for some space to publish an important message to the people, but is it really an advert?... basically, is the paper version of a public service announcement an advert. I'd like to think not.

They also cleverly use the word "probably". Now, I'm well aware that it's possible to read text and throw half the meaning out of the window, or interpret it however you wish - after all that's what happens with the bible, but seriously! Despite clearly being used in jest, the word does change the meaning of the phrase!

I'm not totally convinced that there's actually a need for the advert to be honest (other than to annoy people who believe in god - mission achieved on that front) as it's not really going to convince agnostics/theists that there's no god.

Could I complain to the ASA about church bells? (not that I would 'cause I'm not a petty complainer... eww ewww... I'm so offended must complain to get my name in the paper)

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