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April 6, 2008

Worthy of the FAIL Blog?

You might have heard of the FAIL Blog. A muchly humourous site where there are photos of things that have FAILed. There's a lot of photoshopped stuff there, so be warned.

Anyways, I was messing with Google Maps new "Take Public Transit" thingy. Of course, it is clear that they've not got a full database of all forms of public transport yet. But this route is just silly... (clicking on the image may or may not take you to the actual page - I have a feeling that it'll change the routes it shows you depending on the time of day... pick different routes from the side [the walk bus walk one!])

Map Fail?

In case you're slow, the route involves walking to a bus stop by the station, to get a bus back to nearly where you start from, to walk the rest of the trip back to Dunkirk.

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