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October 20, 2007

A post in October!

Well, I decided that seeing as though it's nearly a month since I last posted it'd be an idea to post some more of what's been happening... it won't take long. Basically, it's a list of bulleted summaries of posts I was going to write, but never did.

  • Yonks ago I did some more geocaching with Sarah and John, this time at Clumber Park near Worksop (seems ages ago now... that's probably because it was...)
  • Sometime in the middle I got a cold (didn't we all?)
  • My aunt died. Had a mini family reunion at her funeral - I think dad was happy that branch was all present - where as the other branches were distictly lacking (usually it's us who are the lame part of the family). Was glad that she had told people that she wanted humanist funeral, with none of the mumbojumbo relgion stuff that she didn't believe in - was nice not to have to sing "The Lord is my Shepherd" (other funeral hymns are available) or to mumble to Lord's Prayer. Also meant that I was thinking about her life for the whole service instead of sat there getting angry inside about the irrelevant mumbojumbo that would have been spouted at me otherwise. She also had a wicker basket coffin, which I thought matched her crafy nature down to a tee.
  • I presented my PhD work an a trade exhibition in Coventry. Ten people were present, hardly worth going for!
  • Amongst all of this I've been busily working on writing up my thesis... woo... plan is to finish by the end of November... not convinced I'm going to make it though... I think I might start working from home though. I get too many distractions at work. "Ed can you help me..." "Ed what does this mean?" I seem to get more work done in the weekend than I do during the week!

And so, back to the thesis.

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