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August 29, 2007

Two more caches done...

On Saturday Chris decided we should make a geocache. I decided that it might be an idea for him to find one before we make one... so... we did some research and went off on our bikes on the hunt.

First one we attempted was a multicache - bit like a treasure hunt where you find the first location... and then find the next GPS location based on answering questions etc etc...

So, we found the first one pretty easily... the clues gave the resuls in degrees and decimal minutes... where as my GPS do dah only does way points in decimals of degrees... not to worry as before we'd left we'd make an Excel spreadsheet to convert the format...

So, this is where problem one came in... I entered the wrong GPS coords in... doh! This wasted a good 30 mins and made us look like we were casing the Porche garage up :-) After getting the correct coords the next waypoint was pretty easy to find!

Then came the last one... well... it was in the middle of a jungle... a bit of time was spent working out if it was actually in the jungle or not... as it looked pretty bedded down deep in the undergrowth. Eventually it was found. I'd manged to get scatched and nettle stung in many places though by the end of it!

Then we went off to find another one near the Trent... after getting ourselves on the correct side of the Trent it was also easy to find :-)

And that my friends, is that.

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