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April 23, 2007

How not to take breaking IT equipment

I was in the pub on Saturday, around closing time, and in walks two dudes. One of them looks rather, erm, upset I guess. He comes up the the bar with his head in his hands and orders a Southern Comfort.


No sooner has it arrived he orders another.


That's gone too.

He orders another. The landlord points out that this isn't going to solve whatever is wrong with him.

"Just give me another..."

He then precedes to go on about how he's lost his baby. It meant everything to him. So, has he been dumped? Found his girlfriend cheating on him? Has his young child died of cot death?

No, silly. His laptop screen is fucked.

I'm sat at the end of the bar trying to hide away from the scary drunk guy, who's stood feet away from me. When the landlord says "Ed knows about computers". Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So, now I'm trying to convice the guy that it's fixable and that his 2 grand laptop is not complete scrap.

After a quick phone call to the Laptop Scrapyard to see if any replacement parts were in stock - and for general advice I was able to tell the guy a ball park figure of what it would be to cost.

The Southern Comfort was clearly getting into his blood now... and he started going on about how the part would have to be new (a crazy notion if ever there were one). Then it went onto how the laptop couldn't be fixed at all, because it wouldn't be like it was when it was new... (the reason for this being that it was bought with money left by his grandma). Not exactly sure what he was expecting to do with the laptop when it was obsolete junk in a few years time! Electronic equipment is a no go for a constant useful memorial, guys.

His mate tried to talk some sense in to him and he stormed out of the pub. A few minutes later we heard the noise of the shattering glass as he threw his tumbler across the car park!

There's ways of taking broken IT equiment, and the above is not one of them.

Cheers for the laptop parts advice Joe.

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