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March 14, 2007

Ginger Beer!

As I mentioned in my post of last night... we've started making some ginger beer.

Here's some photos :-)

Depsite looking a bit like a bowl of cheap Sweet Corn Soup this is infact what the beer has started life as...

Bowl with Ginger Beer fermenting

This is the Ginger Beer after we've filtered and bottled it... only two bottles worth so far because we only had two empty bottles...

Bottles of Ginger Beer

Now, there's a chance enough pressure could build up to pop the corks out of the bottles... hence the protection... bottles in a bucket to collect any spillage... corks can't fly off around the room because they're under the bowl... and just incase there's enough pressure to blow the bowl away... there's some phone books on the top... sorted.

Ginger Beer Protection

I'm a little scared it'll taste of yeast and nothing else... hopefully the yeast will settle to the bottom and what's on top should be pure goodness...

If it is pure goodnees then bigger batch shall be made... we might even have some more empty wine bottles by then :-) If it's not... I need another idea of how to use ~1 metric tonne of root ginger.

There is at least one slight over exaggeration in this post...

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