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January 4, 2007

Gallery 2

Over the Christmas time, when I decided that I'd been neglecting the blog (and I was bored) I took the plunge and decided to install Gallery 2 (instead of the Gallery 1 I was running previoulsy)... I'd been putting it off because it would involve making it have the look and feel of the blog - which took ages with Gallery 1.

What's cool is that it was pretty easy to upgrade - and almost as easy to get the things that appeared on the sidebar - like random photos and photo albums to work! The only thing I've yet to get working is the magic bit of code that updates a file with the locations where some of the photos were taken for the photomap... that said the photomap is pretty broken at the moment anyway it seems... it might be an idea to do something in conjunction with Google maps, now there's a plan... just invented it whilst I was typing this! Not that it's high on the list of priorites because it's not like I'm going loads of places taking photos... hell... it's not like I even update the photo gallery that often!

Anyways, from an installing point of view I can't recommend Gallery 2 highly enough - it's one of the best bit of web fronteneded bits of software I've seen! Right back to hacking it!

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