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November 18, 2006

Yo Shorty...

...it's my birthday.

So, what's happened?

Well... today I've been recovering from last night! Joe came up for beeeeers and beeeeers we had! And a shot of tequila... always my downfall. RIck and Sarah were back from Wales (unrelated to my birthday) too and it was cool to meet up with them both again. Sarah (not Rick's, John's) came round this morning to drop off a card and a present - a massive joke book, thanks!

I got a cool present from Josephine too. A while ago I watched Dark Water and decided that I rather liked Roosevelt Island - where the film is set - I'm not sure why I like it, but I do!

Anyways, she doesn't like the place - but went there for a walk around to take some photos to send to me :-) Cool! I'll ask her and see if I can post some here :-)

Erm, yeah. Might be going to the pub this evening... might not! Not sure if I feel up for another "session"! Apparantly the sprit of choice this week is Russian Vodka...

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