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November 8, 2006

Where's you mission statement gone...

Jeeze. I've just had to queue for 15 minutes for breakfast as the great fried egg hunt occured. Massive queues. So, while this is going on they have two tills open even though there's only a small dribble of people coming through.

When the eggs have been found there is naturally a deluge of happy people with eggs, so, they close a till. Act of genius. So now I have to queue to pay too.

And the woman gave me two slices of bacon - did I ask for two slices of bacon... no... so that meant I had to pay shed loads (I'm kind of exaggeratining... say 40p(ish?) more than usual)... because bacon is expensive.

In the olden days (they were great no?), they used to have a framed copy of the Mission Statement on the wall near the tills - anyone would have thought that they were proud of it.

Excellence in everything we do, taking positive action to improve services wherever possible.

It's gone now, all that remains is the screw it used to hang on.

So now there's no mission statement to point at and go "This is hardly excellent, dude! Party on. (plays air guitar)"... why's this then? Oh yeah... the mission statement has changed as students around these parts will no doubt know - or been affected by at any rate!

Nottingham Hospitality will support and enhance the Nottingham Experience delivering excellent customer service and ensuring continuous improvement of financial returns to the University.

Ah yes, "improvement of financial returns to the University", to be read as "we'll screw you for as much as we can, as a student on campus is like a driver in a service station... mu ha ha ha ha."

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