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September 2, 2006

Ay-up me duck!

Or should that be "ay-up lad"? I'm back in the land of the 'fax for the week.

No real reason to be honest, just to get away from Nottingham and work to see the folks!

Whilst there's ADSL now instead of broadband it's currently tied up to the computer so using my laptop on the network is currently a bit of a pain with having to fight with my brother for use of the long purple patch lead that runs up the outside of the house to his room.

I decided I'd solve this by buying a wireless modem/router jobby - but from past experiance the house is a little too large to get full coverage, so instead of running extra wires around the house I've ordered a wall-plug wireless-ethernet bridge extender thing last night (along with a wireless router/modem jobby).

With any luck it'll arrive on Tuesday (along with a new brand new TFT monitor for myself - my old CRT started to fail big time, by flickering lots, running at a temperature I thought was too high and with the LED power light flashing colours I didn't even know it was capable of doing!)

I'll post back to how well this ethernet-over-power me larky goes - the stuff has been given good reviews but I guess I'll only find out when I try it!

That's all for now, must find something to do this evening to keep me occupied!

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