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May 18, 2006

Ah crap - there goes me Linux partition...

Just decided to repartition the drive on my laptop to free up space from partitions where it's not going to be used. It decided to crash so I've lost my Linux partition... latest backup being a while since... (4 months ago) doh!1 I'm pretty certain I've not lost much - maybe a few configuration changes and that's about it, 'cause I don't store much important on my laptop and store it elsewhere... and I've not being using the linux partition that much - well not that I recall anyway!

God bless GRUB or I'd not have been able to boot into any of the partitions and I'd have ended up loosing all my data! (That's a little white lie I know... I could have taken the drive out of the machine/booted into something else like Knoppix and copied the data off elsewhere etc etc etc... but it would have been a world of arse.)

Another thing to bless would be gigabit ethernet... otherwise the restore could be taking ages and age to do!

1 For anyone who's thinking of being a cock and suggesting that I should have done a backup before doing the repartioning... I suggest you go here and go f*ck yourself - do you think I don't realise this now?!

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