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May 16, 2006

Woo, I can shave again...

On Friday I'd just started to have a shave and I went "Ouch!" as something hurt quite a lot... odd I thought... and carried on thinking it was just a hair that had got pulled or something... "Ouch" again... I had a look at the top of te shaver and there were two gaping holes in the foil! Disaster! So, I had a partly shaved face and a shaver that was bollocksed.

To get the job done I covered the two gashes with some tape and finished my shave. Then I set to finding a replacement foil... 10 quid, not that bad. Then I saw replacement foil and cutterblock for £15.50... (the manufacturers suggest replacing both once every 18 months anyway, and I'd had it erm, longer than that... although not that much longer I guess...). Anyways... I digress. I ordered them and they arrived this morning.

I had to test drive it as soon as it arrived - mainly cause my stubble was getting itchy... they've changed the design of the foil to make it honeycombesque - that and the fact it's new I guess meant that the shave was brilliant - better than it was when the shaver was new - even though now whilst stroking my face I'm finding bits I missed 'cause I was in a rush! Usually after shaving my face 'knew' about it... now it couldn't seem to tell any difference. Much funky!

Russ, if you still use the same shaver and you've not replaced the foil yet. I'd seriously think about it :-)

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