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May 8, 2006

OK, so Thursday I bring a book...

It's now entered the last week of having to demonstrate! Woo... this will probably have a bad effect 'cause it'll mean I don't have to get out of bed early (relatively speaking). We'll see.

There are three lab sessions left including the one I'm sat in with nobody in. There are a total of 17 people left to be signed off - most of which are meant to turn up on Monday's so, hopefully they will... instead of thinking they can turn up next Monday or something silly like that...

I'm quite sure that for at least one lab this week a total of zero people will turn up... woo, 3 customers have just walked through the doors - writing a post always 'causes people to come in :-) So there's now something for me to do... well that's assuming they're not very good at Java, and the other demonstrator doesn't jump in to help!... If they are good then it's boring because there's nothing for me to do other than put my name in a box...

[a while later]

Hmmm, I can imagine that posts that the information changes in whilst it's being written could be quite hard to follow... the 3 people have now being signed off so we're down to none again!

I sense a load of people turning up just before noon (when the lab is timetabled to end) with a shed load of broken code, which they will think is correct, to be signed off... and they'll moan like a bastard when a) I don't sign it off because it's wrong and they've not read the questions and b) I walk out of the door at noon because they've got out of bed and come on to campus especially to get the lab signed off and don't want to have to do it again on Thursday/Friday!

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