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March 6, 2006


[just as a random aside before I've started... I'd intended to write this in the Java lab I was demonstrating this morning... but it was a busy and a busy thing so I didn't get a chance!]

So yeah, weekend... blah. Had another late on Friday... after deciding earlier on in the day that there was no way that it was possibly going to turn into a late one... I also started what has become my marathon task of watching the film Casino, 'tis a good film, but it's 178 mins long (211 mins with adverts). I'm currently watching it in half hour chunks...

On Saturday I went around to the pub earlyish to change the external lights which all but one of had blown. This job takes longer than it should due to the amazing way the fittings are constructed - although I guess it's done like this to make it hard to nick them! Whilst up a ladder I got a phone call from Sarah asking if I'd like to go to the pub this evening. Of course I would :-) So in the evening I went to the pub with Sarah and John.

On Sunday Mummy and Daddy came to visit me on their way back from London. We went out for lunch and then they went off up North. It was nice to see them again - they kept pestering me about when I was going to be home for Easter.

In the evening I was working in the pub as I do every Sunday. Was quite a quiet night and I managed to read about 50 pages of the book I'm currently reading - Black Sunday by Thomas Harris.

I also could have found another girl I'd like to know better. It was quite funny really as I was sat at the bar reading my book and trying to think of an excuse to go and talk to her. What crazy opening line could I use?

I neednt have bothered because as she was leaving she came up to me and asked...

"Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you something...?"
"No, no, ask away."
(you could sense the anticpation as I'm waiting for her to find my marital status or what have you....)
"Erm, is your dog pregnant?"
"Heh, I doubt it... she's 16. She waddles because she's got bad arthritis"
"Ah ok, sorry for insulting your dog."
"Don't worry you haven't."
"Cool, well I'll see you again soon."

Of course all of that breaking the ice means nothing - she's prolly just a tad like [someone I know] (who if she wants to know something will not wonder, she'll just ask), who once went up to young teenage guy at the Leeds Carling Weekend thing and asked him "Why does it say 'Fuck you I won't do what you tell me?' on your t-shirt". Brilliant :-) It's a lyric from "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine, in case you were wondering.

The above could be a lie... she might have gone up and asked "What song does that lyric on your t-shirt come from?" Still... the meanings the same. I don't think she fancied the guy - mainly 'cause she would't fancy anyone with that written on their t-shirt, but had to ask him the question or she'd never know.

Blah, and I think that was the weekend. Slightly in a condensed Campbell's soup way though, I guess.

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