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March 2, 2006

Damned Virus Hoaxes

Today I received information about the Olympic torch (hoax) virus today on an email list I subscribe to.

Once again I'm annoyed by people wasting bandwidth posting these silly things and perpetuating them. Big bunch of bell ends.

The lovely people at Sophos have now made a 10 Ten hoaxes RSS and Atom Feeds so you can keep up-to-date on the hoaxes.

Seems a bit daft to me, as everyone who has enough braincells to set up an RSS feed reader, knows that when you get an email saying that the "Big red monster thing virus is so evil it will poo in your cornflakes" that it's only a hoax.

The real virus feeds might be useful I guess 'cause then you'll hear about the real "Green Monstor Virus" that prefers porridge.

I don't pass on any forwards, for it's against my religion. However, if I did, what I would do before being naïve and just blinding forwarding would be to select a few words from the email, put them in quotes and Google it. Then when I get a load of things saying "Hoax" I'd know it was a hoax and that the person who sent me the email was a luser.

Of course, even if you don't get back a load of stuff saying "hoax, hoax, hoax!", if I were you I'd think to myself:

Delete Key

... and seriously consider making it my religion not to forward emails.

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