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January 30, 2006

Too many late nights...

On Thursday I had a late night, for what appeared like no good reason - we'd finished watching Shameless in the pub and then had a game of pool and decided that it was bedtime (probably around 1am). For some reason unbeknown to me I ended up leaving at about 4am - much drunker. My head hurt in the morning somewhat!

On Friday I went in to the pub on my way back to see how the landlord's head was in the morning... not too bad apparantly...

Then a guy who'd I'd fixed the laptop of a few days earlier came in and decided that the soda I was drinking wasn't alcoholic enough... so bought me a beer... (to which I did protest to - I wanted fooooood at home instead). I finished that, but by now we were deep into converstaion and he bought me another.

Then the truck driver who's back from his Asian travels came in so I sat talking to him for a while... eventually I got home and had food! Yey!

Went back to the pub at around 10.15 and had a pint... then I was told there was a vodka and coke in the fridge which they'd decided I was to have 'cause of a mispour. Fair enough... I had it even though to be honest I didn't really feel like it! Then I was on sodas for the rest of the night... which ended shortly after 4am...

The friends of the large girl who wants me were in... as was one of the other guys who'd tried it on with said girl... apparantly she really really likes me. Hopefully I managed to get her friends to put her straight in the most diplomatic way possible!

Later on after they had gone I was talking with the landlord, who quite cleverly reminded me that I wanted "Peter Pan not Shrek"... tee hee!

On Saturday I went into town to see Sarah (I'd link to her blog... but she seems to have given up updating it). It was nice to see her and it also gave me an excuse to go into town to buy some things I couldn't really be arsed just going into town for, if that makes sense!

The evening in the pub was again a stupidly large one, with me coming home at something silly like 5.10am. Today didn't really happen. I did my shift at the pub and was back home for a quarter past midnight - so not bad going at all really.

Anyways, the three late nights have all caught up with me and I'm tired, so time for bed!

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